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Founder & Creator - Chris Bleek

If there were an adjective to adequately describe Chris Bleek, "tenacious" would have to be it. That's the word that best describes the drive, efforts, candid demeanor, humor, and passion that is Chris Bleek. He proudly represents Cleveland and persistently calls for unity within Cleveland's Hip Hop community.

Born in Cleveland, OH. January 6, 1984, Chris Bleek is the eldest of 4 brothers (Ron, Terrell, Isaiah, and Deontae). He began to rap for the fun of it around the age of 11 when his first “unrecorded” rap was titled “Chicken Nuggets” which was created while indulging in the delicacy. Then at around the age of 13, Chris’s uncle and his group Team Untouchables dropped their first professional CD. Upon seeing the cover and his uncle’s name on the track list, he instantly thought “dude, I can do this shit too”. That following Christmas his only request was a karaoke machine and a keyboard and he hasn’t looked back since. Along with his cousin “J-Ed” of Army Gang, Chris started his first rap group called Darkside Killaz. They worked together for a while yet it was the summer of 2006 when Chris Bleek’s talent was recognized on a local level. 

As an individual promoter basing his brand off of his personality, Chris Bleek relentlessly motivates and engages his network with "OG" humor, knowledge, and perspective while maintaining a savvy tact and candidness in all business matters. He debuted alongside his group the ABM Officialz based out of East Cleveland, Ohio as a trailblazer into Northeast Ohio's hip hop movement with the smash single "What It Dooski" circa 2006/2008. Following the acclaim from that single he featured on Niccotine's "What Up Doe -Remix” along with Corey Bapes, Young Ray (currently known as Ray Jr.), and Gambino. What I admire about this guy is his resiliency despite the everyday grievous occurrences one could expect from originating from, living in, and building in the hood. 

Over the past 2 years or so, Bleek has devoted his talent and candor to promotional activities for various venues, artists, and other entities requiring promotion. He got started by observing the operation of event promoters. Realizing the immediate needs of hip hop artists in Cleveland, he felt an urgency to create a support network and created the CBPromo_Network, a company & Service that provides numerous promotional and marketing services to artists, DJ’s business owners, to name a few. He has also work with  The Ohio Hip-hop Awards Movement undertaking the duty of Promotion Coordinator. Expect to hear much more from this groundbreaking, multi tasked phenomenon that is the Tenacious Chris Bleek.

Creative Brainz Clothing

Creative Brainz Clothing

Creative Brainz Clothing prides itself on delivering a exclusive and specialized product line.  The Creative line is forever evolving and we are proud to have Creative Brainz and Chris Bleek as part of our website and family as he and Co Founder J-Prez have  worked closely together in music promotion, Clothing and been close friends since 2010 when 216UNITE was formed.


More Than Clothes

Creative Brainz is more than just apparel, from 3-D printing, to animation. The abilities are endless, and the future is bright!

ABM Officialz - What It Dooski

Where Talking In The Ski Came From!!