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Clevelands Own

Jovan also known as 88 Street Joe or 8 Money got his name from his neighborhood E.88th ST and St.Clair

From Rapper To Business Man

Once a artist on Mo Thug Jovan turned his attention to the behind the scenes portion of music even being a instrumental member of putting together many shows, including after partys for artists such as YG and putting together Bone Thugs n Harmony's 20th Anniversary show.

We Ask For Your Help

Jovan alson known as 8 Money was wrongfully covicted 3 1/2 years ago after the evidence that would prove his innocence was lost after being subpoenaed by his defense attorney, Jovan's mandatory time served has been fufiled and he is moving forward with his request for parole but needs $500 to pay his attorney. Any and all help is much appreciated thank you, and God Bless!