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Babypooc and J-Prez have brought both Cleveland , California, New York, St. Louis, Denver, Texas, North Carolina an artists from many locations together for multiple mixtapes including Cle2Cali series most recent Cle2Cali Vol.3 The Coalition series and more, the music and lifestyle has also inspired an apparel brand rightfully named Cle2Cali, and plenty of more big things to come. Thank you for visiting our site and please subscribe.Much Lov


We are excited to release our upcoming project that will feature artists from all over. The Coalition Vol.3 will feature artists such as  Legendary battle rapper B-Magic (St.Louis) CMF Tana (Harlem, New York), King Styleon (Cleveland), TNT Slick (Los Angeles) Good Smoke & Floyd G (Compton) and many others. We are also considering getting involved in Comedy as well so stay tuned for that!!

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We are hard working creative and Loyal! If you share those same qualities contact us!

Mo Thugs 2020 Vision

Emortal Thugs, Souljah Boy,Ken Dawg, Thin C, Skant, Chris Howse, and more

Wattie & J-Prez on Against All Odds Sports Radio Show

Cle2Cali Takeover The G-Lew Show


The G-Lew show on OGRadio

Click on the flyer and listen in as the homie G-Lew interviews J-Prez, Babypooc, King Styleon, Young Ris, Good Smoke, Hot Head, and Drop Beatz. G-Lew also plays music from multiple Cle2Cali mixtapes, and unreleased projects, as Babypooc and J-Prez also announce the release date of Cle2Cali Vol.3 and The Coalition Vol.3.



Available now with Music from Babypooc, Drop Beatz, Young Ris, King Syleon, Hot Head, Good Smoke, AG, Tray Loc, and More


The Coalition Vol.3

Release date to be determined, with music from all of our partners from Ohio, California, Texas, Tennessee, North Carolina, Virginia, South Carolina, Florida, Colorado, and more. Hosted by none other than DJ Macklusive!

ESC Reunion and Ec Puerto Rico and OG Goldie preview

Who Is King Styleon

BabyPooc's Street Gangs Interview

A Conversation In South Park (Los Angeles)

Wattie and Bubba Premier "We Grown" On The Nation Radio Show

Young Ris - Keep It Real (Interview)