ComptonAssTG & Vonny Loc ft Hot Head Bang Bang

T Boe - Gang Related

King Styleon - It's The K.I.N.G.

Young Giantz ft Ms. Ink Bomb - Western Expedition

B Magic - Khantroller

Good Smoke - I Put On

CMF Tana - Run It Up

King Styleon - E.1999 (freestyle)

T-Boe - Throw Yo Set Up

King Styleon ft Rootabang - But I Aint Done

Vonny Loc - Gang Bang

Good Smoke ft Baby Gurl - "Make It" remix coming soon

T-Boom ft KB (All Gwap) - From 40z Tho

Hot Head - Time To

PC Babyy - I Love My City

Wattie - Hands On Your Knees